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Of all the things that surprised me when I first had my baby (and there were a lot of things), the confusing advice and fussy struggles when it came to feeding was something I didn’t see coming at all. There’s nothing more heart-breaking than sweating over a hot stove to make a healthy dinner, only for your toddler to throw it across the room and demand nothing but halved grapes and biscuits for the rest of the evening. I have cried on more than one occasion.

Over time, things do get easier and through trial and error you’ll start to find recipes and feeding styles that suit you and your family. For those who are still on that journey, we hope you’ll find a little inspo with the Island Bébé team’s 5 favourite baby & toddler foodie accounts on Instagram.

1. Charlotte Stirling-Reed | @sr_nutrition

Charlotte Stirling-Reed is a baby and toddler nutritionist with great tips on weaning, what to feed, and how to balance the right nutrition. She gives practical advice which she displays using simple and creative infographics. Charlotte is currently weaning her baby, Ada, using the tag #weanalongwithada, where she explains how to cook a meal that is suitable for both her baby and for her older son. So, for parents cooking for more than one infant, this account could be just what you need!

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2. Marilù | @pastizzigourmet

If you’ve opted for the baby led weaning route, this Malta-based insta account offers interesting recipes that are easy to prepare, with freezing tips when needed, and all recipes can be adapted to adults and older children. It’s also fun to see Cikka eating, we’re jealous of her daily menu…we’d all like to be more like Cikka!

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3. Solid Starts | @solidstarts

This account shares practical advice from a team of feeding experts, doctors and mums to give parents confidence in feeding their children. It’s a great place to start when you want to introduce food to kids, learn how to serve it, and if you do go down full baby lead weaning route, what it may look like from the deliciousness to the mess. We also can’t stop watching their video of babies eating bread ❤️

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4. Annabel Karmel | @annabelkarmel

The queen of baby food, we’ve all heard of her by now. We find Annabel Karmel a valuable source to keep in our newsfeeds since she frequently posts recipes that are well researched and generally easy to make. She also provides go-to tips to help you get the right balance of nutrients in your child’s diet whether you choose purée or BLW.

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5. Anne Marie | @babyledweaning2021

If you need ideas for what to make and how to present it in a way that will make them want to eat it, then look no further than this Malta-based insta account. Anne Maire has gone down the BLW route and shares all her recipes on her super cute and creative page. The recipes look easy to adapt for adults too which is always handy!

We hope these baby & toddler foodie accounts will give you literal food for thought when it comes to tackling meal times, we know how tough it can be to try to keep things healthy, quick and suitable for the whole family. 

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