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Crafts and being a parent. Do they go hand in hand? Well we hope not, because some people in our team love their kids but hate crafts.

However, if you are keen to test your patience and try out some crafts at home because summer holidays are looming, don’t fret, this is what TikTok is for. There is a rabbit hole of other parents who somehow LOVE crafts and have built channels dedicated to crafts.
We’re sifted through said rabbit hole to find 6 accounts that display crafts that are relatively mess free. They’re also relatively simple so even if you don’t like art, you’ll manage them too.
These accounts are packed with fun and easy crafts that will spark your child’s creativity. Get ready for hours of laughter, learning, and crafting adventures!
1. @onelittleproject


This delightful channel is dedicated to easy paper crafts that will ignite your kid’s imagination and bring your ideas to life. From simple origami animals to beautiful paper flowers, @onelittleproject offers step-by-step tutorials that are perfect for beginners.

2. @happytotshelf


This amazing tiktok account is all about reflex activities and the mesmerizing world of water painting. From sensory play to interactive games, @happytotshelf offers a range of activities that can be enjoyed right at home. Enjoy the magic of water painting and unleash your creativity with vibrant colours and flowing brushstrokes. With @happytotshelf, kids will have a blast while they develop their artistic skills and engage their senses.

3. @learningthroughplay8


Get ready to step into the world of three-dimensional art and craft with the TikTok account, @learningthroughplay8. This fantastic account is all about creating stunning 3D masterpieces that can be done whilst enjoying the warmth of the sun outdoors. From pot painting to nature-inspired installations, @learningthroughplay8 offers a range of crafts that will make your surroundings come alive.

4. @creative_mama_che


Another incredible Tiktok account that has made out list is @creative_mama_che. Get ready to dive into a world of creativity and sustainability. This amazing channel is dedicated to showcasing the endless possibilities of cardboard crafts. From building cardboard castles to crafting funky masks, @creative_mama_che will inspire you to transform ordinary cardboard into extraordinary creations. So go on, take a look and get ready to upcycle with @creative_mama_che.

5. @Home_is_where_the_art_is


Do you have lots of unused paper running around at home? Get crafty with @Home_is_where_the_art_is. This delightful channel is dedicated to sharing easy and creative paper crafts that will keep your kids entertained for hours. From origami bookmarks to colourful paper garlands, @Home_is_where_the_art_is offers a variety of projects that can be done with materials you already have at home. So what you’ve got to do is grab that paper and get crafting.

6. @simpleeverydaymom


If your little ones prefer simpler crafts, that are still fun, this amazing channel is dedicated to sharing easy and engaging crafts that will ignite the creativity of our younger friends. @simpleeverydaymom offers a wide range of projects that are perfect for little hands and growing imaginations.


When it comes to keeping kids entertained and fostering their creativity at home, these 6 TikTok accounts for easy crafts at home are absolute gems. These accounts are bursting with inspiration, providing endless opportunities for fun and imaginative exploration. So, gather your art supplies, hit that follow button, and let the crafting adventures begin!

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