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Earth DayEarth Day is here and what better way to celebrate it than a Free Earth Day scavenger hunt. Have your kids learn more about the environment as they enjoy these fun scavenger hunts.  We’ve prepared two different printables, one for the little ones and one for older children.

  1. The Earth Day Scavenger Hunt for little ones
  2. The Earth Day Scavenger Hunt for older kids
Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd of April, and it is here to remind us that earth needs help to thrive, so let’s all do our best to protect it.

Teaching your children about going green is a good idea to take up this April. Your kids can learn more about being eco-friendly. You can read to them books or introduce them to books that hold this idea and other environmental themes. It’s always best to set example from home.

5 Sustainable Tips on Earth Day

Earth Day tips

Here are 5 sustainable tips for you on Earth Day:

  1. Grow a plant
  2. Use energy efficient bulbs
  3. Gather and recycle batteries
  4. Use a reusable/canvas shopping bag
  5. Unplug electronics when not in use

We should all do our utmost to protect the environment. Teaching children about the importance of recycling is the first step to encourage an environmentally conscious mindset.

The Scavenger Hunt Printables

The scavenger hunt for your little one is set to be outdoors. So, get your kids ready to explore the outside. Get the scavenger hunt here.

Scavenger Hunt for the little ones

This scavenger hunt for older kids is slightly different. Kids are not just looking for items, but they have some tasks to do! Get this Earth Day scavenger hunt here.

Scavenger Hunt for older kids

Happy Earth Day all!


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