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This quiet, tucked-away park runs alongside part of the Victoria Lines and boasts panoramic views to die for.

Bride Garden is located on the periphery of Mosta, overlooking the valley. You’ll find it directly next to the MCAST Institute of Art and Design (see map at bottom of page). This beautifully kept park is a great place to go for an adventure or just a breath of fresh air since it runs parallel with a section of the Victoria Lines. In the park itself you’ll find wide, clean paved areas lined with trees and foliage, and benches dotted along the way.

At the end of the path you’ll find the kids play area. It’s a small section of the park that contains a jungle gym with slide, a see-saw and a swing set, along with a lookout point so you can enjoy the spectacular views across the valley towards the coast. Venture past the playpark and you’ll discover a small amphitheatre that my little one uses as his own stage to kick his football around or to burn off his energy running up and down the stairs and jumping between the seating levels.

The paths are not gated, so it’s worth noting that it’s not somewhere you can leave your kids to run around in unsupervised, but we love this little oasis of calm and visit often. With summer approaching and the play area partly shaded beneath the trees, I have a feeling that the Bride Garden in Mosta somewhere we’ll be frequenting even more!

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