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Qui Si-Sana Sliema Playground In Sliema, just by the sea, you will find a beautiful playground for kids. We’re talking about the Qui Si-Sana playground! This playground has two different areas; one for younger kids and one for older kids. There is plenty of space to run about, play with a ball, draw with chalk and enjoy oneself. Kids love it here!


The playing area for toddlers and young kids:

This playing area has many cool things! There is the swings area which is secured by a gate and it has a teddy swing for young kids. Next to this area, there is a wider area with slides, mini see-saws and other cool things to try out!

Young kids play area with slides  Teddy Swing  Swings playing area
The playing area for older kids:

This area is dedicated to kids between the ages of 8 and 12 years. Here you will find the swings section, an area with slides and a climbing piece.

Qui Si-Sana playground for older kids  climbing equipment for older kids in Qui Si-Sana playground  slides area for older kids in playground

Whether you go to Sliema for a stroll, or for shopping, make sure to stop at the Qui Si-Sana playground with your little ones. They will surely have a blast!

Where to go with kids in Sliema:

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We’ve ticked off:

✔️Sliema playground

✔️Qui Si-Sana playground

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Where to find the Qui Si-Sana Playground:



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