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Salina Play Park and Kennedy Grove are set within the stunning grounds of Salina National Park, located just off the coast road.

For those of you looking to enjoy some family time surrounded by nature, this place is absolutely made for you. The area is split into two, the top tier including The Melita Gardens Café, a children’s play park, an open area with a fountain set on artificial turf, and a forested area with walking paths ideal for doggy adventures.

The café is super chilled, has outdoor and indoor seating and a menu varied enough for even the fussiest of eaters. You can pay by card here too, another plus point if, like me, you never remember to bring cash anywhere.

The bottom tier of the park is accessed via a well-structured path leading down from the fountain area. Here you will find Kennedy Grove, an even larger area filled with lots of play equipment, trees, and plenty of green spaces to run around in. You will also have access to an outdoor gym and a wheelchair-friendly play area.

There are minimal steps throughout this park which means less stress for parents whose younger toddlers have developed an obsession with stairs and like to throw themselves off them. The grassy surfaces will also be more forgiving if anyone has a little tumble.

I know in Malta we complain a lot about the lack of trees and green areas in towns and villages, and rightly so. However, a visit to Salina National Park really does make you feel human again. It’s a beautiful, fun and refreshing place to spend time with your family away from the noise and construction dust. As a first-time mum, I was a bit late to the Salina National Park party, but I’m so glad I discovered it, it has been good for my soul!

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