Parents Rejoice! Kinnie Spritz Has Launched and It’s Making Our Summer

If you’ve ever had a chilled wine spritzer and thought “this is good and everything, but it’s just not Maltese enough” then we have some great news for you. Kinnie has just launched Kinnie Spritz, a refreshing summer drink with a 4% splash of alcohol for when you want a cheeky aperitivo or a relaxing tipple on the terrace after a hard day’s child-rearing.

As the parent of an insanely energetic two-year-old, Kinnie Spritz got my attention immediately. You see, there was a time when I could blast through an entire cocktail menu in one evening and sleep it off the next day. Not any more. Kids don’t care if it’s a Saturday morning or a Tuesday morning, you, my friend, are getting out of bed no later than 6am and you better be on your game, too. You’ve got exactly three minutes to get breakfast on the table before we hit peak toddler meltdown.

Kinnie for the Win

As a parent, there isn’t much wiggle room for a casual drink nowadays and this can make social occasions a bit of an exercise in self-defence. Most of my friends don’t have kids yet so I get the constant hassle of “Come on, just stay a bit longer, I never get to see you anymore. Remember how much fun we used to have?”

Trust me friends, I, more than anyone, remember how much fun we used to have. It’s just that now, fun for me is watching my tiny human grow, learn, and make me laugh with his cute mispronunciations of the simplest words. He calls bugs “bubs” and I’m there crying like I’m in the audience of a world-class comedy show.

So, while it may not constitute a heavy night on the tiles, I’m quietly excited about Kinnie Spritz. Not too sweet and not too strong, this refreshing new addition to the Farsons family is going to get me through summer heatwaves, family BBQs, and give my partner and I something to look forward to on a quiet Friday night – a little bit of us-time without any pressure.

When consuming alcoholic drinks, please enjoy responsibly.

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