Bringing a child into the world is a big deal (and we’re not just talking about labour.)
There are so many decisions to take. So many boxes to tick. So much to do!

We’re helping you tick a few of those boxes.

This Pregnancy Pack is a hand picked selection of must-haves for your pregnancy journey.
From pre-conception to postpartum, with a much-needed dose of self-care thrown in for good measure.

Pick them up at your nearest Browns pharmacy!

browns pregnancy pack sanosan stretch mark oil

A caring and nourishing massage oil that helps to prevent stretch marks.

browns pregnancy pack fertility

Designed to provide the essential and appropriate nutrients to support a woman of reproductive age. Ideally, take a least 90 days ahead of planned conception.

browns pregnancy pack sanosan nursing pads

With extra-absorbent cellulose fibre and ultra-soft fleece interior – sanosan Nursing Pads effectively lock away leaking breast milk.

browns pregnancy pack Pharmaceris toner

For daily face cleansing and conditioning. Recommended for skin which is particularly sensitive and prone to allergies.

browns pregnancy pack pregnancy complex

A specially formulated vitamin supplement with a combination of 27 essential nutrients designed to support the way your body naturally works during pregnancy.

browns pregnancy pack face cream

For the daily care of hypersensitive skin prone to allergic reactions, moisture loss and excessive dryness that can come with pregnancy.

Now, let’s tick off a few more of those boxes, shall we?

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