This is a dynamic map of all the childcare options available in Malta – you can filter by location making it easier for you to find a childcare in the area you want.

If you’re a parent looking to learn more about childcare in Malta and the school system here, this page is just for you! So, keep reading on to find all about who is eligible and how to apply for childcare and school in Malta.

Malta’s Free Childcare Scheme

Parents and guardians in employment or who are studying can benefit from free childcare. This is provided directly through government services or through Registered Childcare Centres. You can find a list of childcare centres that fall under the government scheme here.

Good to know!
  • You can benefit from free childcare until your little one becomes old enough to attend kindergarten, that is age 3. State schools have two kindergarten intakes: February and September. Some church and independent schools only have one intake – September. So if your child turns three before September, but you want to enrol them at a church or independent school, you have to pay for childcare services to cover those extra months.
  • You can book more childcare hours than those you’re entitled to under the free childcare scheme. Extra hours have to be paid to the childcare provider.
  • If your child is absent for more than 25% of the hours you booked, then you have to pay for those missed hours, even if your child missed those days due to sickness.
  • Free childcare is extended during maternity leave, but not parental leave.