Gift ideas for Toddlers

This is when the fun really starts – they’re walking, they’re talking, their personality is starting to shine! These gift ideas for toddlers are as varied as they are recommended – each one of these stores has sourced the highest quality items for little ones.

toddler gift ideas outdoor kid

The Outdoor Kid

Lottie Dolls
Based on the proportions of a nine-year-old child. Suitable from age 3.


toddler gift ideas lottie
Bump&Me Winther Tricycle

BDL Books

Karolina u l-Giżirana Maġika
Beautiful big paperback book suitable for early years


Karolina bdl books
toddler gift ideas farm animals

Early Learning Centre

Rabbit Hopper
Endless bouncing fun, suitable from 12 months


elc toddler bouncer

That’s the toddlers sorted! Now let’s shop for the others:

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