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Alexandra Camilleri Warne ProfileDr Alexandra Camilleri Warne, a paediatrician in Malta, answers your questions on newborns, toddler health and everything in between.

In our fourth instalment of this series, we ask about infant baby formula stages and when to switch from one to the next.

What’s the difference between infant Baby Formula Stage 1 and Formula Stage 2?

It is recommended that you change from Formula Stage 1 to Formula Stage 2 once your baby is six months old.

  • Infants who can only consume liquids should drink Stage 1 Formula
  • Babies whose feeding patterns are beginning to change as they prepare to begin eating solid foods (weaning) should drink Stage 2 Formula. This contains ingredients which are appropriate for use around the time your child is ready to start eating baby food.  

Nutritionally, first stage infant formula and second stage infant formula are identical. The type of protein used is the key difference between them.

Stage 1 infant milks are predominantly whey protein and second stage infant milks contain more casein protein. Casein takes longer to digest because it forms a thicker curd in the stomach. This makes babies feel fuller for longer, but also means that babies under 6 months will find it harder to digest.


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