The Ultimate Back to School Shopping Guide

Back to school is back in full swing! As parents, being prepared as best as possible is the key to ease off some of the stress during this time. To help you out, we pulled together the ultimate back to school shopping guide for your kids, featuring kids’ backpacks, lunch boxes, water bottles and others, all with a nifty link to shop online for all these items at Swanky Boutique.

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Back Packs

We all know that the best part of back to school shopping is picking out a new back pack. A back pack that is spacious enough to hold all school essentials including a lunch box, water bottle and a pencil case. You want a backpack that is durable and doesn’t need to be replaced every year. Swanky Boutique have some exquisite, durable and diverse backpacks. Take a look!

These waterproof back packs are ideal for pre-school/nursery but not only. They’re great to fill with your little ones favourite toys, a change of clothes and they’re perfect  for travelling too!


More designs and colours here.

backpacks 1

These back packs come in different themes and patterns, making sure that all kids can find a favourite. An eco-friendly back pack with adjustable shoulder straps. On the inside you can also find two elastic bands to hold the water bottles to avoid any spillage. This back pack also comes with a label to write down the kid’s name and address. Pretty great!


More designs and colours here.

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Lunch Boxes

Take a look at these adorable lunch boxes which come in different shapes and sizes!

lunch box with 2 compartments

A large lunch box with two compartments for lunches and snacks. It also comes in different themed illustrations.


More illustrated lunch boxes here.

A set of 3 different sized lunch boxes decorated with different illustrations. You can also write your child’s name on the speech bubble on top of the animal’s mouth.


More colours and designs here.

set of 3 lunchboxes
Bento lunchbox

This Bento lunchbox can be divided into 3 different compartments, making it easier to separate different food/snacks for your little one. You can also choose from the different adorable illustrations.


More illustrated lunch boxes here

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Lunch Bags

Take a look at these cute and handy lunch bags. They come in different characters, for your little one to pick their favourite.

This lunch bag with shoulder strap is a favourite. It can be worn as a handbag or carried by the handle. This lunch bag also has an external compartment to place a water bottle.


More designs here.

lunch bags
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Food Holders

Ideal for soups, fruit salads and pasta.

food holders thermos

These food holders are perfect for keeping those nutritious lunches hot or cold. The 3 Sprouts stainless steel food jar is made of food grade stainless steel that keeps your little one’s lunches warm for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 8 hours.


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A must have when packing your kid’s back to school bag. Check out these different bottles from Swanky Boutique.

straw bottles for kids

This straw bottle has a flip-up silicone straw that comes out automatically when the lid is opened. It’s great for school and easy for your kids to use.


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A non-drip bottle with a straw which comes in different cute animal faces. It is practical as it has a top handle and can be carried out easily.


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non drip bottles for kids
Bottle with silicone straw

This bottle with a soft silicone straw is ideal for the little ones, as it makes it easier for them to drink.


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A cute, simple and easy to use pop-up bottle. Press and drink, press again and it closes. Works wonders!


Check our more designs here

pop-up bottle for kids
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Pencil Cases

An essential to have which will carry all your kids’ school stationery and supplies. Check out these adorable illustrated pencil cases.

A cute pencil case to carry all stationery and supplies. This pencil case comes in different coloured themes.


Check out more pencil cases here

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Arts and Crafts

Part of the nursery/school fun. Take a look at the following items and make sure your little ones are stocked up with their art supplies.

arts and crafts apron

A must have apron for arts and crafts.which will protect the clothes of your little artists.


A water resistant bib which will protect your baby’s clothes from any liquid or food spillage. A must have.


Check out more colours here.

double sided crayons

8 Double-sided wax crayons. Get 16 different colours.  These are great for tiny hands as they are short and thick and easy to grip.


A fancy set of crayons in a box. These come in different shapes and they are great as they encourage children to learn and draw.


More crayon designs here.

fancy crayons for kids
set of washable paint

An ultra washable finger painting set for young children.


Check out more paint colours here

A fun package for pencil colours – colours in a tube. These pencil colours come packaged with a colourful, themed tube and they hold 12 different coloured pencils.


Check out more themes here

colours in a tube
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Hair Accessories 

We all know that your little ones start getting into accessories as they begin their kindergarten years.

This set of blue accessories is minimalist and practical. There is a wide choice of hair accessories to match with your little ones outfits.


hair accessories
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So that’s your back to school supplies sorted!

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