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Mums, dads, we all know that in a screen-filled world, finding activities that require no screen time can be a challenge. Fear not! This article is here to guide you with a bunch of indoor and outdoor activities, specially curated for your babies and toddlers, ensuring loads of joy without relying on screens.

Singing songs and nursery rhymes

Young children love music and movement. Singing songs and nursery rhymes together is a great way for them to develop their language and communication skills. See if there’s a baby rhyme time at your local community center or library.

Read to your child 

Read to your child 

Listening to stories will give your child a feel for the sounds and rhythms of language. Looking at the pictures will stimulate their imagination. A book before bedtime – or any time of the day – is also good for their emotional well-being.

Sensory board

A sensory board (also known as a busy board) will give your child hours of entertainment and help develop their fine motor skills. Attach everyday household items to a large board – zippers, spoons, knobs, handles, flaps — the options are endless.


Whether you buy it or make your own (and the ingredients are very cheap), playdough gives toddlers the opportunity to get creative and develop their hand-eye coordination. It also improves dexterity in their hands and fingers, which is useful for learning to write and draw as they get older.


Toddlers enjoy finger painting, potato printing, leaf painting and just unleashing their creativity on a blank sheet of paper. Not only is painting fun, but it can also help to develop concentration, and hand-eye coordination and control. Playing music as they paint will create a calm and relaxing environment.

Hide and seek

If your child has been sitting in front of a screen, it’s a good idea to choose an activity that will get them moving. Hide and seek also encourages them to use their imagination and helps develop problem-solving skills as they work out where their friend, sibling or toy is hidden.

Obstacle course

This is an activity that will help your toddler burn off some energy indoors or outdoors. Find objects they can run to, jump over, crawl through, walk on and wind their way around. Take turns so that they can practice understanding and giving instructions.

Playing with water

Toddlers love playing with water – in the bath, paddling pool or plastic bowl. Use bottles, funnels, jugs, straws, spoons, tubes and anything else that is unbreakable. But, attention here. Never leave a young child alone when playing with water – they can drown in less than 5 centimetres (2 inches) of water.


Try role-playing together in different scenarios such as a shop, hospital, dentist, vet, post office, hotel, building site – or simply pretend to be other characters and have a conversation on a toy phone. Acting out real-life roles builds confidence, creativity and communication skills.

Memory tray

Put familiar toys and brightly-coloured objects on a tray and cover them with a cloth. Give your child one or two minutes to memorize the items. Then, re-cover the items and see how many they can remember. It’s a great way to improve their attention, concentration and focus.


If you’re looking for an activity that will keep your child quiet and occupied for a while, colouring is a great choice. There are plenty of low-cost colouring books available and online printables that can be downloaded for free. Whatever your child is into – dinosaurs, fairies, unicorns, cars, animals – you are bound to find something they like.

So there you have it. Activities that require no screen time. Embrace these indoor and outdoor adventures, create precious moments with your little ones while improving  their development in the most enriching way possible. Happy playing!

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