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Say goodbye to boring indoor activities… your kids need the fresh air!

It’s safe to say that even the simplest tasks, like putting on a wintery jumper and going for a walk, become a little bit more complicated when you have children. In fact, it’s easy to blame the ‘cold’ winter weather for not going out and enjoying the great outdoors.

However, thanks to Malta’s reasonable winter climate that consists of moderate temperatures, it’s almost never ‘too cold’ to go out on a family adventure. Here are a few tried and tested outdoor activities that you can do with your kids this winter. We’re sure that these ideas will keep your little ones entertained, as well as, tire them out for a good night’s sleep in the evening!

outdoor activities maltaChange up your swings game

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut… staying in your comfort zone is, well, comfortable! However, if you don’t force yourself out of it, you end up going to the same places over and over again and your kids, and even yourself, will eventually get bored of the same routine.

The next time that you’re heading out to go to your local playground, spice things up a bit and visit another one in a different town. Your kids make might some new friends there… and you might have a new mummy companion too! Check out our new Swings & Playgrounds Directory for inspiration.

outdoor activities maltaPlan a historical day out

We’re not referred to as being ‘one big open-air museum’ for nothing. There are so many places to explore with your kids while also teaching them about our rich history. One of these places is the old Capital City of Mdina, an ideal place to visit during winter. You can even treat them to a cheeky chocolate cake after your historical tour!

Most historical sites are free to the public. You can visit some of the world-famous temples spread across the island such as Hagar Qim. There’s also a lovely walk that offers incredible panoramic views which you can take from the Hagar Qim car park which leads you to Ghar Hanex Window (but more on trails and trekking later!).

outdoor activities maltaSpend the day with farm animals

You can never go wrong when it involves farm animals! The Petting Farm at Ta’ Qali National Park is a sure winner and a great way to introduce your young kids to farm animals in real-life, possibly for the first time. The farm even has food dispensers around the area so your kids can have the opportunity to feed these animals safely.

If you’re on a weekend getaway in Gozo, the Dreams of Horses Farm is also worth a visit! This farm is well-known for its therapeutic work with children suffering from learning disabilities but it also lets your kids ride these beautiful horses.

outdoor activities malta
Take a hike

We cannot begin to explain the importance of exploring the great outdoors and encouraging movement and sports activities from a young age. Malta is blessed with great weather, even during the winter, which makes it easy to plan a trek during the weekend.

Trails such as the ‘Dingli Cliffs and Fawwara’ and the ‘Madliena Tower Loop’ are easy and manageable for both adults and kids. You don’t have to make this a race! You can easily take the whole afternoon by taking pitstops for snacks, photography, or just chilling to admire the breathtaking views.

outdoor activities maltaPlan a picnic by the beach

Weather permitting, it’s always a great idea to head to the beach. Thankfully, the beach is never too far away, wherever you reside on the island. While summer is synonymous with swimming, winter is ideal for beach picnics. Your kids can still have fun building sand castles during the winter!

With appropriate outwear, anything is possible! Pack your kids’ favourite snacks, toys for endless playing on the sand, and a book and sunglasses for you to chill and relax! Your kids might look like one big sandcastle on your way back home, but nothing that a hot shower cannot fix!

outdoor activities maltaEmbrace their inner gardener

Last but not least, if the weather does not seem to be too promising, spend some time outdoors, in your own home. Plan your perfect garden/backyard with your kids, if you have one. If you live in a tinier space, plant/repot a few plants and let your kids help.

Getting your hands dirty in the garden by connecting to the soil is known to increase your serotonin levels, a happy chemical in the brain which is a natural anti-depressant which can strengthen the immune system.


There you have it! Our top outdoor activities that you can do, as a family, during the winter season. We hope you loved reading this. Check out our latest updates and events to keep up to date with Island Bébé.


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