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Unveiled in August 2020, this colourful new playpark in Naxxar provides a lot of entertainment in a small package.

Gnien Il-Hamrija is the perfect place to go for a quick play around when you don’t have the vast swathes of time to commit to some of the bigger playparks in Malta. The fact that it opened just last year, means that it’s also clean and colourful, with pristine play equipment that suit both older kids and toddlers who are learning their limits.

The park is tucked away within a residential area of Naxxar, so the park is rarely busy. There is also a small grocery store nearby should you run out of supplies for your hungry babies.

The play areas are split into three sections, one with a see-saw and those springy chair things, one with a medium playset for younger kids, and then the main section which has a more ambitious playset, plus swings and a small roundabout.

Although the park is accessible with ramps throughout, there are a couple of sections with steep steps, so you do have to keep an eye on younger toddlers who haven’t quite found their feet (funny how those are the kids that are most attracted to steep steps!).

You can tell this park was made with love. It has beautiful, big trees to keep you shaded in the summer, a small garden area in the centre, and brightly coloured fencing that really adds a sense of fun to the place. You can also make friends with the local cats with a few cat houses dotted around, safely fenced away from grabby toddler hands. All in all this cute playpark in Naxxar is an invigorating place to spend an hour or so with your energetic brood!

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