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Up to the North of Malta, where the ocean breeze hits the land, you will find the coolest pirate ship for your kids to play in. A huge, brightly coloured playground ship with four different slides! It’s quite difficult to walk past and not spot! Your little ones will surely have a blast there as they make up stories about the ship and try out every slide.

mellieha playground ship     playground    Mellieha garden
The Lovely Garden – Ġnien il-Qigħan

The garden and playground are located opposite the primary school in Mellieħa so you won’t have any trouble finding them. Although the playground area is not very large, one can enjoy a short walk around the garden too. The garden also has several benches where you can sit and relax whilst watching your little ones run around and play. Both the garden and playground are not secured by gates so we definitely recommend staying alert. Once you’re there you might also come across a cat or two making their way under the trees for some shade.

Where to go with kids in Mellieħa:

Check out this quick tour of 3 different places to visit with your little ones in Mellieħa.

We’ve ticked off:

✔️The Selmun Palace trail

✔️Ġnien il-Qigħan and the pirate ship playground and The Playground near Seaview Café

✔️The Għadira sandy bay

Mellieħa is a splendid place to visit with your little ones. It has much to offer and we encourage you to add it some of these places to your list. Enjoy the tour!

Where to find Ġnien il-Qigħan :


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