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Though not an actual playground with no swing set in sight, San Anton Gardens is an oasis of green in a central location. It’s a perfect weekly that activity kids (and adults) of all ages will love. 

It no secret that green spaces in Malta are few and far between. While we do have some great countryside spots for walks and picnics, there just aren’t enough parks or trees around. This is why San Anton Gardens feels like such an oasis. 

It’s a large enough area with no cars, but with plenty of trees, plants and flowers everywhere you look. It also happens to be bang in the middle of the Attard/Balzan area. As a location, it’s easy to fit into your day for a quick stroll. You could also make a full day of it by meeting friends and other children. 

San Anton Gardens was around when we were young. I’m sure for many other parents like myself, it feels like a trip down memory lane. I love the nostalgia of being there now as an adult with a mini human of my own, thinking back on my visits as a child with my mother and grandfather. It was an exotic space back then where you could see camels and monkeys – remember, this was a time before animal welfare was a thing.

The animal residents you’ll meet there now aren’t quite as exotic, but they still make each visit fun. You’ll find chickens, ducks, geese, fish and plenty of peacocks that roam freely,  as well as a large turtle pond. With younger children it’s fun to just get acquainted with these animals. With the older ones, you can name your favourite and look for that animal on each visit. 

San Anton is made up of multiple pathways that lead to different spaces within the garden, different parks and an exit that’s close to the President’s Kitchen Garden. It’s relatively flat, so very comfortable with a pram, buggy or scooter. The floors are ancient though, so they are bumpy. 

You’ll find benches all around the garden. So if you’re lucky enough to have a baby that naps well, or a child that can keep themself entertained, nothing will stop you from taking a book, a coffee and a snack so you can get some moments of peace. 

To sum up, San Anton Gardens is a lovely space to visit as an occasion or a quick outing. The green open space feels like a slice of heaven. There some wonderful history and legacy – there is also possibly nostaglia if you visited the place when you were a child. 


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