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Situated behind San Anton Palace and Gardens, the historical President’s Kitchen Garden is an impressive playpark with everything you need for a fun-packed activity with your little ones.

This park caters for all ages, but if you have tiny toddlers who have just learned to walk, you’re in for an extra treat as there is a secure, dedicated section where all the play equipment has no more than one step. I usually spend my time chasing my 16-month-old around parks stopping him from falling down stairs or running in front of a kid on a swing, so this baby park is a huge stress reliever for us parents and gives our little explorers a bit more freedom to run around.

Behind the baby park, you will find another play area for slightly older children which includes tunnels, light up flooring, small trampolines and climbing frames. There are also solar-powered smart benches where you can charge your phone. Fancy!

The whole park gives you a real feeling of health and sustainability, with an outdoor gym, solar panels, and vegetable patches. It even has an animal area with donkeys, ponies, goats, emus, llamas and more.


At the back of the park you will find a small sensory garden and duck pond for a more chilled out vibe, and behind the cafeteria you will find yet another park area with swings, more animals and the outdoor gym.

The café is large with plenty of seating, and while the menu doesn’t entirely reflect the healthy vibe of the rest of the park, there is plenty to choose from and they sell Ella’s kitchen pouches for an on-the-go snack. All proceeds from the café go to the Malta Community Chest Fund which is awesome, and a great excuse to buy more cake.


The President’s Kitchen Garden is hands-down one of my favourite parks in Malta, mostly because there is so much to do, but also because it’s a safe space where the parents actually get to relax a bit for a change…and eat an obscene amount of cake. It’s for charity, okay?


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