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Easter is approching! This means that it’s also time to buy all those Figolli for your loved ones, or even just for a little self treat! Being spoilt for choice, it can be very hard navigating on where to go to buy  your Figolli. Here’s why we have listed  our team’s favourite  15 shops where to find this year’s Easter figolli.

1.Elia Catering

2. Mannarinu Catering

3. Dolci Peccati

4 .Maypole

5. The Happy Baker

6. Manouche

7. Togħma

8. Chocolate District 

9. Busy Bee

10. Dolceria Appettitosa

11. C. Camilleri & Sons Ltd

12. The Cake Box

13. Caffe Cordina

14. Diar il-Bniet

15. Neriku Catering


This should make your decision a bit easier on where to find this year’s Easter figolli , Here’s to tasty traditions! Happy Easter!

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