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Welcome to the first in a series of articles dedicated to cultural activities in some of our beautiful towns and cities around Malta.

We’re giving you the best ideas for some cultural inspiration for those young minds- let them learn about Malta whilst they still have lots of fun.

Whether you’re a local family looking for a fun weekend or a tourist wanting a memorable day out, Mdina promises unforgettable fun and fantastic memories for all ages. Here are 6 cultural activities in Mdina for a perfect day in the “Silent City”

mdina ditch1. Mdina Ditch Gardens

The Mdina Ditch Gardens encircle the city, providing a unique opportunity for you and your kids to take a leisurely stroll amidst centuries-old charm. As you wander along the tranquil pathway, you’ll be surrounded by ancient walls, creating a great atmosphere for exploration. This is an ideal spot for a family walk, with some shaded areas and benches too.

 Colourful Doors 2. Colourful Doors

After that, you can enter Mdina for a truly colourful adventure! Mdina’s streets are adorned with traditional doors in every hue imaginable, creating a vibrant and picturesque scene. Encourage your little explorers to snap photos of these charming doors, turning your journey into a delightful scavenger hunt of colours and creativity. Explore the different shapes of the traditional door knobs (Ħabbata) along the way.

National Museum of Natural History3. National Museum of Natural History

The National Museum of Natural History is a must visit. Here, young explorers can embark on a journey through the natural world, encountering everything from fossils and minerals to fascinating displays of local flora. Learn about the wonders of nature in an engaging and interactive experience.

fontanella 4. Visit Fontanella

Make sure to stop by Fontanella tea garden. While sipping on delicious tea and indulging in mouth-watering cakes, you can see the historic and scenic surroundings which are truly breath taking, making it the perfect pit stop for some rest and a sugar boost!

5. View from MdinaView from Mdina

Walk around Mdina, until you reach the panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see.  It’s a great spot to hang out for a while, and make sure to grab an ice-cream from Fior di Latte whilst there. You can also enjoy it on the steps leading up to the view.

Fun Train - Around Mdina6. Fun Train – Around Mdina

Lastly, hop aboard the charming little train in Mdina, and get ready for a fun-filled ride that the kids will adore! This train tour winds its way through the enchanting streets of Mdina, offering a unique perspective of the city’s historic wonders, the kids will love the sights, making it a family-friendly adventure they won’t forget soon

These 6 cultural activities in Mdina will surely be a day brimming with cultural delights, filled with wonderful memories to cherish. Happy adventures in Mdina!


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