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Cleverly named,Will I Ever Sleep Again, this week we vouch for the ‘Taking Cara Babies’ sleep course. A simple, informative and sympathetic online course which had my little one sleeping longer.

Baby sleep is a topic and a half when it comes to newborns, from the good to the bad, you’ll hear it all. With my little human, my nights were very broken. I slept a total of 2-3 hours a night followed by a good nap in the day. Although this is totally normal, it didn’t make it any less tough!

Pre-pregnancy, I had heard a lot about sleep training and sleep techniques, but it wasn’t until I was knee-deep in night feeds that I started frantically looking into it properly. Most courses felt as though you needed to start with a perfect baby, something I’m not sure even exists. But then, at 2.30am, when my little pea had decided not to sleep yet again, I stumbled across the Taking Cara Babies online classes.

The course was video-based with minimal reading, and it looked genuinely practical and realistic, so I immediately bought it. The newborn course was called “Will I Ever Sleep Again” and consisted of 5-6 videos between 20-30 minutes long. I watched them straight away, then again a few days later taking notes, and then again with my husband.

The “Will I Ever Sleep Again” class really did help us. It wasn’t a strict routine and they understand that there is no magic baby who is born ready to sleep 6 hour stretches with a few routine tweaks. It takes a bit of work, but with them to guide us, it really did the trick.

Why I loved it:

  • It helped set expectations – You won’t achieve long stretches of sleep instantly, but they will gradually get longer and longer.
  • The lessons focus on how to put your baby down happy, sleepy and awake – this teaches them to fall asleep alone.
  • There is no ‘cry it out’ methods, something that I personally wanted to avoid.
  • The lessons are short and concise and give really good practical tips.
  • They provide examples, which makes the course matter easier to understand and implement.
  • It’s judgement free. I didn’t feel as though I was being lectured or made to feel that I had been doing anything “incorrectly.”

Results in practice:

  • I learned a lot about my baby’s sleep cycle, awake windows, play time and nap time.
  • My baby didn’t magically sleep straight away, but he did start to improve quickly.
  • He started sleeping 6-8 hour stretches after 3 weeks of this course!
  • I learned when is best to put him down, which in turn implemented a routine. This gave my husband and I our nights back.

If you’re finding yourself struggling to establish a comfortable sleep routine for your little one, give the Taking Cara Babies online sleep course a try. You can start any time, with classes up to age 24 months.

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