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As the festive season approaches, the island of Malta comes alive with the delightful aroma of traditional Christmas recipes that have become synonymous with the Maltese Christmas period. Here are 7 Christmas recipes we all make!

They may not be Maltese by nature (except number 7) – but they have become rooted in Christmas planning. They are part of the Christmas spirit embodied across our country. Do you make any of them?

1. Christmas Pudding

A rich and indulgent dessert, Christmas Pudding is a quintessential part of the Maltese Christmas table. Packed with dried fruits, spices, and a generous splash of brandy, this steamed or boiled dessert brings warmth and sweetness to the holiday season.


2. Mince Pies

These delightful little pastries filled with a spiced mixture of dried fruits, suet, and brandy are a beloved addition to the Maltese Christmas spread. The golden, flaky crust encases a burst of festive flavours, making mince pies a must-have treat during the holiday season.




3. Sapori Cake

Originating from Sicily, the Sapori Cake has become a cherished guest on Maltese Christmas tables. This almond and citrus-infused cake, often adorned with a dusting of powdered sugar, adds a touch of Mediterranean sweetness to the festive celebrations.


4. Gingerbread Men

Although not traditionally Maltese, these spiced and ginger-flavoured cookie figures have found their way into the hearts of Maltese families. Adorned with icing and festive decorations, Gingerbread Men bring a touch of whimsy and charm to the holiday season.


5. Christmas Biscuits

A delightful assortment of buttery and spiced biscuits, often shaped into festive symbols, graces Maltese households during Christmas. These homemade treats, sometimes passed down through generations, are a symbol of love and togetherness.


6. Turkey

While not exclusive to Malta, the succulent and roasted turkey has become a centerpiece of the Maltese Christmas feast. Glazed to perfection and served with a variety of flavourful stuffings, the turkey embodies the spirit of abundance and togetherness.


7. Timpana

A hearty and savoury dish, Timpana is a pasta-filled pastry that has become a staple in Maltese Christmas celebrations. Layers of pasta, minced meat, eggs, and a rich tomato sauce come together to create a comforting and satisfying dish that warms the hearts of those who gather around the festive table.

In Malta, Christmas is not just a celebration; it’s a sensory experience that revolves around the joy of sharing delicious food with loved ones. As we gather around our tables, these festive delights, whether rooted in Maltese tradition or adopted from afar, create a culinary tapestry that reflects the warmth and diversity of the holiday season on our beautiful island of Malta.


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