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Searching for the perfect spots for your child to let loose rain or shine? Get ready as we unveil our top indoor play areas & soft play in Malta that are known for their endless fun and good time. Some are cafés where you can sit down and have a breather.


  1. Playtopia at Mercury’s Planet Play

Located on B1 at Mercury, Playtopia at Planet Play is known for having the largest indoor playground for kids in Malta. Their cushioned ground coverings which are meticulously maintained will definitely give parents a peace of mind.


  1. Gravity at Shoreline Mall

Gravity at Shoreline is the ultimate fun filled hotspot if your little one loves a good adventure! Their trilling climbing adventure, will allow them to wall climb and even tackling ropes. They also have a dedicated arcade area, virtual reality and even karaoke! Make sure to pay a visit to Gravity.


  1. Splaffy’s Fun Park

Located at the iconic Splash and Fun Water Park, Splaffy’s is a great summer play area for your kids. From a range of rides, like the classic carousel, the merry go round, thrilling bungee jumping, and motor bikes. Splaffy’s is also open all year round, even after 5pm! Visit Splaffy’s for those perfect summer memories with your little ones.


  1. Rulina Fun Park

Rulina Fun Park is designed to host fun filled parties but also is the ultimate place for fun filled weekends for your little ones. Rulina Fun Park consists of a huge outer area filled with train rides, bouncy castles and a toddler play area. Providing a lovely picnic area and cafeteria/restaurant, this would make a great outing for your kids.


  1. Yue Bistro

A restaurant nestled in Naxxar with a wide variety of choice for food, making sure that everyone is satisfied. Yue Bistro has a dedicated play area for kids, where parents can watch from outside thanks to their cctv camera system. Parents, enjoy your meal with a peace of mind that your kids are close and having the time of their lives!


  1. Luzzu

Luzzu is another restaurant that offers a fantastic kids menu! It’s also equipped with an indoor playground, featuring soft surface, tunnels, games and so much more. This restaurant also has a new air conditioned area which is great to beat the heath!


  1. Popeye’s Village Indoor soft play area

Besides Popeye’s Village entertaining outdoor with loads of activities every day, you will also find a superb indoor soft play area which the younger children will love and appreciate. Parents can also enjoy lunch whilst the little ones are enjoying themselves playing.


  1. Zeffie’s Bistro

Zeffe’s Bistro offers the ultimate playhouse which is great fun for children of all ages. The play area is supervised at all time. This is a huge plus as parents can enjoy their meal. Zeffie’s can also throw an exciting party for your child, complete with engaging entertainment, fun games, and extra thrills through dress-up and pizza-making activities!


  1. Quattro Play kids café

Quattro Play kids café

Quattro Play Cafe is the perfect place to sit down and have a cup of tea or coffee whilst your child enjoys their fantastic play area which is all cushioned.


  1. Superkids Play café at Soreda Hotel

This café has one of the largest soft play area, a kids dream! Here, you’ll surely enjoy some great food from the well known Soreda Hotel.


  1. Little Peeps Town at Flora’s

Little Peeps at Flora’s café offers a unique concept for role play. Inside, you will find an amazing small town for the little ones where they can play and have a blast. They currently offer reccuring sessions so keep an eye out!


  1. Kidz World

The ultimate indoor playground located in Mosta. This is a great place for your kids to unleash all of their energy and have the best time.


These indoor play areas & soft play in Malta will offer you peace of mind as well as a bunch of fun for your little ones. They’re all definitely worth a visit and have been given the Island Bebe’s Stamp of approval!


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