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Carnival season can be hectic and sometimes last minute. Here’s why were about to list 10 Last Minute DIY Carnival Costumes. These creative and easy-to-make ideas promise a memorable and enjoyable experience for both parents and little ones.













Cover a cardboard box in aluminum foil and cut out holes for the head and arms. Add buttons and dials using coloured construction paper.


Use a striped shirt, bandana, and an eye patch. Make a simple cardboard sword to complete the look.

Minion (from Despicable Me)

Dress in yellow and create goggles using a pair of swimming goggles and a cardboard tube painted silver.





Use a solid colour t-shirt and pants as a base and ttach a large cut-out cardboard “S” or other superhero emblem to the chest. Then, make a cape from an old bedsheet or large piece of fabric.


Use an apron, chef hat, and carry a wooden spoon or spatula as props.

Basketball Player












Have your child wear a basketball jersey or a plain jersey with the number drawn on. Add shorts and carry a basketball.

Doctor or Nurse












Have your child wear scrubs or white clothes. Create a doctor’s badge using cardboard and a red cross symbol. Add a toy stethoscope if available.


Attach colourful tissue paper or fabric wings to your child’s back. Add antennae by attaching pipe cleaners to a headband.













Dress your child in dark clothes and add a cape. Create a magician’s hat using black paper or cardboard.

Jungle Explorer

Dress your child in khaki or green clothes. Add a safari hat, binoculars (made from cardboard tubes), and a toy stuffed animal as a jungle companion.

Let the creativity flow and the excitement build. The possibilities are endless! These 10 Last Minute DIY Carnival Costumes are simple yet imaginative costume ideas that will promise a memorable carnival experience for your little ones.

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