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There isn’t much that babies do: they eat, sleep, poop and repeat. Yet, they’re a 24/7 job that leaves us parents exhausted, hazy, and – possibly – mentally drained.

Without a doubt, a huge chunk of our time goes to baby feeding. On average, a baby feeds anywhere from 8 to 12 times a day. That’s a lot of time sitting down. And, as much as we adore staring into that tiny, perfect face suckling into a bottle or breast, sometimes we need a break.

A Netflix study carried out in 2017 found that mums generally watch Netflix whilst simultaneously doing other things. Considering we’re basically multitasking ninjas, I don’t think they needed an actual study to find that out. But – it goes to show that we’re all in the same crazy boat, and Netflix affords us some easy me-time that’s otherwise hard to come by.

To make the most of your Netflix time (in case we’re not the only ones who waste precious time going through titles indecisively), we’ve compiled a list of 4 Netflix mum shows to check out during your baby’s next feed.

1. Workin’ Moms

Can we all be brave adults and just admit that babies don’t need yoga?

Workin’ Moms follows four very different women juggling work, motherhood and relationships, centred around a very weird ‘Mommy and Me’ club.

The series deals with some pretty big issues, including postpartum depression, divorce, new jobs, dating, the nuances of same sex relationships, and unruly teens. But it does so in a way that is equal parts relatable and hilarious.

There are four seasons to watch, with the fifth coming out this summer, the perfect amount of TV for the next growth spurt-triggered, cluster feeding marathon. 

2. The Letdown

You’re not number one anymore, and there’s no point whingeing about what you lost: muscle tone, sleep, your freedom…
Let’s look instead at what you gained.

Rounder bottom, stretch marks, adult acne, and haemorrhoids.

The Letdown’s opening scene is an affirmation of the reality of parenthood. Audrey’s baby will only sleep in the car, so she parks in the middle of nowhere only for a man to tap on her window, thinking she’s there to buy drugs.

This Netflix series skips the unicorns and rainbows and dives right into the darker side of new parenthood – the sleep deprivation, judgmental comments, and worst of all – the loneliness.

The beautiful moments and humour are still on point though, and there is some serious character growth throughout the season as both Audrey and her husband come to terms with their new identity as parents. 

3. The Duchess

If one of my kids is gonna have a shit dad, then both of my kids are gonna have a shit dad.

You’ll either love this one – or hate it. There isn’t much middle ground when a series stars the uber-talented comedian Katherine Ryan. The Duchess is her first sitcom, a semi-autobiographical series where she plays Katherine, a single mother and successful pottery maker with limited emotional care and an on-point fashion sense. 

Katherine is tough and straightforward – her only soft spot is for her daughter Olive, a result of Katherine’s groupie days. Olive’s father is still around, but his co-parenting role is close to useless. Still, she considers getting pregnant with him, all for Olive’s sake. 

The Duchess is funny and unapologetic. It’s also somewhat bitchy, but still worth binge-watching!

4. Yummy Mummies

She has the same shoes on as in her Instagram pictures. She doesn’t have any others?

Ok – so we’re slightly mortified to be recommending this one. We’re basically admitting (out loud) that we watched it… all of it.

Before the judging starts: sometimes trash TV is exactly what the doctor ordered. If you want to literally shut your brain off for 24 minutes and sit there with an incredulous (and slightly jealous) look on your face, Yummy Mummies is the way to go.

In this Australian ‘reality’ show, a group of model-material pregnant mums strut in heels as they bitch about others and max out credit cards in the run up to their babies’ arrival. From designer baby clothes to over the top baby showers and push presents, this series can be an ideal companion as you feed your little bundle wearing yesterday’s pyjamas and last week’s mum bun.

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