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If you’ve landed on this page, you’ve probably celebrated your 30th birthday already (or will soon). So hey – Happy Birthday! 30’s a big one. 

We’re not gonna lie – we did have mini panic moments once we hit that milestone. We’re suddenly adults. Like, real adults. So how do we do this adulting business?

Where finances are concerned, we’ve found immeasurable guidance from the team at Jesmond Mizzi. After having a frank conversation with them, we realised the value in having experts to support you through all this “adulting” we’re collectively bumbling through.

Our biggest realisation? If you’re 30, you need to be saving, investing and planning for your retirement. Now. Not when you’re 35, not when you’re 40. 

Which got us thinking: what else has suddenly become a reality, now that we’re used to being thirty-somethings? Here are a few:

1. Hangovers become a real thing

Remember bragging that you could wander home at 4am without so much as a bleary eye the next day? Yeah. Those days are gone.

You now realise that a wild night out with a few drinks will cost you two days of headaches, nausea and the well-known saying “I’m too old for this.”

On the bright side, you’re finally learning to enjoy the finer drinks, and you realise that being just a little bit tipsy is far better than getting blind drunk.

2. Retinol is now part of your skin care routine

You never cared about wrinkles… that is, until you saw your first ones. To be clear, we’re big fans of embracing our natural beauty and ageing gracefully – after all, they’re called laughter lines for a reason. 

Still, there’s nothing wrong with adding a quality anti-wrinkle cream to our nightly skin care routine, is there?

3. You have a small circle of real friends

Going out with 10 friends is a thing of the past. You’ve come to realise that life’s too short to tolerate random people that annoy you. You’ve learned to appreciate those few real friends that you have, and love them unconditionally.

4. You start dreaming about retirement

The novelty’s worn off and work is really starting to take its toll. It’s perfectly normal to start dreaming of days when you won’t be tied to your desk – but here’s the thing. If you don’t want to work until you’re 90, you need to think about your pension plan NOW. 

Malta’s state pension simply won’t be enough to get by, so pension plans like the ones we have with Jesmond Mizzi are vital to securing a retirement you’d actually get to enjoy.

5. Grey hairs join the party

Plucking out the odd shiny grey hair isn’t really an option any more. They’re coming in, thick and fast. 

For those of us who just couldn’t care less, we’re thrilled to see that the grey hair movement is growing stronger and more fashionable. As for those who’d rather cover up the greys, our Mama Perks code gives you 15% off any service at Dean Gera Salons!

6. You travel better

No more bunk beds or cramped hostel rooms (and say goodbye to sleeping in a car because of an unplanned trip to Gozo!) 

In your thirties, you can afford comfortable rooms, eating in restaurants, and travelling with style. After all, every trip is a welcome opportunity to recharge those batteries.

7. You value the power of a good night sleep

There’s a zombie monster hybrid that takes control of your body when you’re sleep deprived. You know the one – she’s kind of embarrassing, isn’t she? 

Gone are the days when we’d say “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. Nowadays, I’d rather sleep by 10pm to get my full 8 hours, thank you very much.

8. Home cooking is the norm

Granted: Ordering take-out is much easier than making food at home. The problem is that you now understand just how much more unhealthy and expensive take-out can be! 

Besides, you’re starting to enjoy the simple things like cooking a simple meal to unwind after a long day at the office. You feel healthier, save a ton of money, and know exactly what’s going into your food. (If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our Island Foodie section.)

9. You want to invest: in good cutlery, in comfortable shoes, in financial assets

By the time you’ve thrown out your fifth pair of boots in as many years, you’d have understood the concept of false economy. And you’re done with it. 

You’d rather save up a little and invest in quality stuff that will last a lifetime. That goes for cutlery, shoes, a good mattress and pillows and even clothes. Most importantly though, you’re also starting to look into investing in financial assets that will make your money work for you. When we had questions, we turned to Joanna from Jesmond Mizzi, and she helped us out.

10. You start organising events in advance

Nobody has time for spontaneous plans and “going with the flow”. Nowadays, our calendars are booked solid weeks in advance!

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. After all, we were growing tired of the last-minute house parties where the only thing on the menu were a packet of Pringles and vodka redbull. Roll on adventurous dinners, themed parties and larger events, like your own wedding!



How many of these can you relate to? Did we miss any good ones? Let us know in the comments here!


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