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We had such a great response to our first installment in our new series “Nanna Diaries“.

There’s so much love around for these unsung heroes – but how well do your little ones know their Nanna and Nannu? It’s time to let the kids be the journalists!

We’ve put together two printables which you can download for free here:

All you have to do is print them out. Then, it’s up to the kids to sit down with their grandparents and start a different kind of conversation with them!

They’ll start off with the basics that your kids have probably never considered, like how old they are and where they were born.

Then they’ll move on to a bit of history – who was their best friend when they were little? What were their own parents like? Did they have a pet when they were growing up? And what was their favourite subject at schoool?

On the second page, they’ll understand a bit more about their grandparents’ relationship together. They’ll also come back to the present day – what’s their favourite food and colour? And what is it that makes them happy?

Once the little journalists have completed their interview, they can make the pages their own by colouring in the illustrations, drawing their Nanna and Nannu in the empty box or sticking a photo of them in the frame.

A simple, sweet activity that’s perfect for when the grandparents are feeling chatty – and one that will be sweet for them to keep in their memory box!


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