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Planning a children’s party in Malta? While sugary treats are a classic inclusion, why not give guests something they’ll use and enjoy long after the party ends?

This guide explores unique and practical party favours perfect for Maltese children, along with local shops where you can find them!

1. Creative Canvas Kits:

Unleash their inner artist with tote bags and paint sets.

2. Travel-Sized Entertainment:

Keep boredom at bay with compact puzzles or games.

3. Bath Time Bliss:

Fizzing bath bombs from Flying Tiger add a touch of luxury to their bath routine.

4. Handy Totes:

Skip the plastic bags a little tote bag or handbags.

5. Lunchboxes:

Fuel their lunchtime fun with customised lunchboxes or lunchboxes with popular characters.

6. Jewellery Kits & Hair Accessories


Bonus Tip: Consider adding a small, personalised card with the child’s name for an extra touch.


Local Shopping Gems:

  1. BDL: A one-stop shop for party supplies, toys, and games. (Locations across Malta)
  2. Happy Day: Find homemade custom, unique party favours, gifts, and craft supplies.
  3. Stationers: Discover a vast selection of stationery, toys, and personalised items. (Multiple locations in Malta)
  4. Shein: Online and inexpensive with never ending choice.
  5. Flying Tiger: A treasure trove of fun and quirky items.

Remember: Opt for durable and age-appropriate favours that encourage creativity, play, or organisation. With these tips and local shops, you can create party favours that go beyond the candy bowl and leave a lasting impression on your little guests

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